Recently MacroAir contributed an interview for Campus Rec Magazine that highlights how MacroAir big commercial ceiling fans aided Precision in Movement—an athletic training and rehab facility in San Bernardino, California—in creating a comfortable workout environment for the athletes that train there.

A Revolution in Airflow for the Athlete

In the recent Campus Rec article, Dr. Peter Lingas—a doctor of physical therapy and founder of Precision in Movement—explains how MacroAir’s large commercial ceiling fans and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software were used to help create increased comfort for the fitness facility and the overall workout experience for staff and clients.

“MacroAir was a cost-effective solution and I felt both the design of the fans and the technology were great. In addition, it was nice to find a product you can tell a lot of research and development (R&D) has been poured into. We always try to partner with companies that believe in their products and invest in R&D, and MacroAir fits the bill.” – Dr. Peter Lingas, Founder, Precision in Movement                    

Optimal Airflow Helps Optimal Performance

There are many factors that go into developing a great fitness environment. Poor airflow, if not addressed, can make a workout space uncomfortable for students and staff alike. With MacroAir big commercial fans, the effective airflow the fans provide not only ensures that athletes and staff are far more comfortable, but also can lower a fitness facility’s energy consumption.

Check out the interview and click the link below to learn more about how MacroAir fans can help increase the comfort of athletes in any fitness space.

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