Increase Worker Productivity with Large Fans

June 2, 2016 by Patrick Munar

Worried about worker productivity dropping off as temperatures increase? You aren’t alone because It’s an unfortunate reality for many workplaces without the luxury of air conditioning. And your employees aren’t just longing for fun in the sun either: uncomfortable temperatures negatively impact productivity, accuracy, and morale.

Worker productivity drops with each degree over the optimum temperature of 72°F. And while this “optimal temperature” is ideal, it’s probably unrealistic for environments without air conditioning. But the significance of this NASA heat stress report* becomes apparent at 85°F when worker output drops 18% and errors increase by 40%.


How HVLS Fans Promote Productivity

HVLS fans create a cooling breeze throughout your entire work area. Their long, aerodynamic blades (ranging from 6-24 feet in diameter) generate massive columns of air that deliver a cooling breeze to employees throughout your facility.
But does this airflow really make a big difference? Yes! Increasing air speed from 20 feet per minute (standard indoor conditions) to 200 feet per minute (airflow from an HVLS fan) drops the perceived temperature by 8°F. Airflow maximizes the body’s natural means of cooling—evaporative cooling—making people far more comfortable.

Cost Effective Solution

It only costs about a dollar a day to run a 24-foot MacroAir fan. This efficient and effective solution delivers a measurable return: higher output and fewer errors. When compared to HVAC systems and high speed fans, HVLS fans are undoubtedly the most cost effective climate control solution. Install HVLS fans to retain your employees and maintain productivity this summer.

*NASA heat stress report CR-1205

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