HVLS Industrial Fans Provide Value to Your Warehouse

November 7, 2018 by Patrick Munar

Warehouses are designed to be very large – tens or hundreds of thousands of square feet. Even with HVAC systems, it’s not easy to effectively move air throughout such a massive space.

That’s why High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) ceiling fans are so popular in large spaces. Their size allows them to generate massive columns of air that spread throughout the entire space benefitting workers and assets. With multiple large ceiling fans, it’s possible to create steady airflow even in expansive spaces with high ceilings.

Big Ceiling Fans are Made for Warehouses


MacroAir HVLS industrial fans are designed to create comfortable airflow throughout large spaces like warehouses. This increases employee comfort, resulting in increased productivity and thus improves operations no matter what season it is.

According to Tim Swift, a brewer at Ritual Brewery, it could get to a smothering 100 degrees inside their facility with no possibility of it cooling down overnight. The staff tried floor fans but nothing was working.

Benefits of MacroAir HVLS fans in warehouses:

  • Evenly distribute cooler air during the hot summer months and heated air during winter.
  • Because of the specially designed large fan blades, a single MacroAir large industrial fan can cool approximately 22,000 square feet.
  • Perfect for distributing temperatures in a building with palletized storage or racking when compared to traditional commercial fans, exhaust fans or HVAC systems alone.

“My team loves the air movement in the facility. Morale is high.” – Director of Distribution Operations, Product Distribution Center, Southern California.


Create Financial Comfort


MacroAir HVLS fans can also be utilized as the perfect complement to HVAC systems. MacroAir HVLS ceiling fans reduce energy costs by supplementing the HVAC system, which can contribute up to a 20% reduction in energy usage. So any size warehouse can increase or decrease its thermostat by 5° and could see up to 20% savings in cooling or heating costs.


Warehouse Employees Feel Productive Year-Round

If a warehouse is too hot or cold the workforce will likely be much less comfortable, resulting in less productivity, which ultimately affects the bottom line of that organization. MacroAir’s large industrial ceiling fans help increase human comfort by distributing air evenly throughout a warehouse. This creates an environment where the workers want to return and do their best work.

“Since the fans have been installed we get a lot more airflow. I’d say that I feel at least a 15 to 20 degree difference at times.” – Brad Rice, Machine Operator, thyssenkrupp Aerospace 

The fans’ reverse function can also heat up a warehouse by pushing warm air trapped at the ceiling that comes from the building’s heating system upward and outward, forcing the hot air to distribute down the building walls and evenly across the floor. The fans move the collected warm air to the floor level, which provides a comfortable climate for warehouse employees during cold times of the year.

“In the winter these fans also help us because they move the airflow around in the shop; they keep the heat circulating.”- Travis Johnson, Service Director, Subaru

The productivity of hard working warehouse employees is dependent on how they feel in their workspace. MacroAir big industrial ceiling fans create comfortable airflow throughout warehouses, which increases employee comfort, resulting in increased productivity.

Click the link below to learn more about how MacroAir large industrial fans can add year-round value to your warehouse.

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