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One of the best things about HVLS fans is their versatility: from large enterprises like Coca-Cola to mom-and-pop restaurants and breweries, any business can benefit from using an HVLS fan. There are certain benefits of HVLS fans that will be particularly valuable for owners and operators of small and medium sized businesses.

Lower Energy Costs

The idea of reducing energy costs by adding another cooling element might seem counterintuitive, but HVLS fans achieve this feat. HVLS fans increase air circulation which drops the perceived temperature by about 8°F. Achieving comfort at higher actual temperatures allows the air conditioner’s run time to be decreased and in some cases even makes A/C unnecessary.

The savings that come from this increased airflow can be significant. Some small businesses have saved four-figures in monthly heating and cooling costs simply by installing an HVLS fan and turning it on at the right schedule.

Low maintenance costs

HVLS fans are designed to operate with little-to-no attention. You choose a fan, install it properly, and then let it run. Other climate control systems might require consistent maintenance or repair work, which is not only expensive, but it also takes valuable time away from small business employees who could be doing other, more productive things.

Long warranties

When a small business buys any piece of equipment, it has to think about the warranty. If your business buys something with a short warranty or one that doesn’t provide any coverage, you could be in a tough spot if it malfunctions or stops working completely.

With a good HVLS fan, you don’t need to stress about an incident occurring out of warranty. The best HVLS manufacturers offer comprehensive warranties that provide long-lasting coverage for years or even decades after you purchase the fan.


For small businesses, change is the only constant. Employees come and go, workplace layouts change, and companies move to different spaces.

HVLS fans come in many different sizes and styles because they are designed to help improve airflow in all types of spaces. Whether you’re a small restaurant that serves local customers or a huge warehouse facility that serves as part of a larger supply chain, there’s an HVLS fan that will fit your needs. And since good HVLS manufacturers offer tools that can help you visualize the airflow generated by an HVLS fan before you purchase it, there’s no need to worry that you’ll pick the wrong fan for your space. And if your business moves to a larger or smaller space, you can move the fan with you.

Final Word on HVLS Fans for Small Businesses

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy: Over 50% of the workforce is employed by a small business. With the right HVLS fan that’s installed properly, any small business can cut down on costs, improve their environment, and help employees stay comfortable at work.

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