how-hvls-fans-protect-your-inventoryMany commercial buildings are store valuable inventory. Every type of inventory, from mechanical parts to perishable foods, comes with guidelines for proper storage. Because of their significant impact on the building’s environment, HVLS fans play a valuable role in protecting inventory.

Maintaining proper temperatures

There are many products, equipment, and components that need to be kept at a specific temperature to maintain their quality. For example, in a refrigerated warehouse that is storing any type of food, the USDA suggests that temperatures be kept below 40 °F to prevent the growth of bacteria.

By promoting airflow in a space, HVLS fans help an area maintain a specific temperature without occupants having to increase the level of the room’s HVAC system. This also helps cut down on the amount of money it takes to keep a space at a particular temperature.

Controlling humidity

High humidity in a space can cause a variety of problems, including damage to inventory. If moisture is deposited on products and their storage areas, it can cause the deterioration of packaging, racking and other elements used to secure inventory.

Not only can humidity damage inventory, it can also create a dangerous situation in a warehouse known as Sweating Slab Syndrome (SSS). SSS causes floors and other surfaces to become slippery, which can lead to a slip and fall or an equipment accident that damages inventory or even worse, causes an injury. HVLS fans help control humidity by increasing airflow and keeping temperatures more even, which means warm, humid air doesn’t have as much of a chance to deposit moisture onto cooler surfaces.

Improving ventilation and air quality

Certain types of inventory are susceptible to problems relating to particles that build up in the air. Mold and other toxins can cause significant deterioration to inventory and their storage. These air contaminants are often the result of poor ventilation– when a space is not able to properly exchange old, stale air for fresh air.

HVLS fans help address this issue by increasing the movement of air within a space. More airflow means that the fresh air without contaminants, is thoroughly circulated which helps prevent inventory from being damaged by harmful toxins.

Last Word on HVLS Fans Protecting Inventory

No matter what kind of inventory you’re storing, it’s important that you protect it. With the right HVLS fans in place, it’s much easier to keep inventory at a specific temperature and prevent it from being harmed by moisture or contaminants in the air.

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