HVLS Fans Destratify Heat Layers

December 11, 2009 by Patrick Munar

Are you keeping warm this winter?

If you watch or read any sort of national news, you’ve probably heard that it’s really, really cold outside!  I know that hardly sounds newsworthy – I mean, it is December after all!  However, because of a widespread storm that dumped a significant amount of snow in much of the Midwest this week and coupled with what they are calling arctic temperatures, it seems this winter is already unseasonably cold across most of the United States.  And even here in California, below-average temperatures and rain have left many of us warm-blooded Californians more than chilled, as well!

All this cold weather and I’m still thinking about fans!  I know it almost sounds counterintuitive to think that our MacroAir fans can help keep our customers warm in the winter, but it’s true!  Our HVLS technology is unique in that it is designed to generate a large, slow-moving column of air that flows down to the ground and outward 360 degrees.  This large air mass moves throughout the space, efficiently mixing and circulating air without generating the noise and dust created by other industrial fans.

What does that have to do with keeping warm?  Well it comes down to something called de-stratification.  Reaching back to our days in a science classroom, most of us probably remember that heat rises, causing the warmest air in any building to be found at the top, while the coolest air often sits at ground level.  Keeping this in mind, MacroAir fans are designed to effectively combine the elevated heat with the lower cool air.  This de-stratification of the uneven temperatures at varying levels in a building provides a more comfortable, uniform temperature while the energy efficiency of our fans also helps our customers save money on heating costs.

So yes, even in this unseasonable cold, I’m still thinking about how MacroAir fans can improve the comfort of our customers and their employees and/or livestock!

Thanks for reading and stay warm!

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