HVLS Ceiling Fans for Fitness Centers and Gymnasiums

Keeping a fitness center cool in the summer months can get expensive: high ceilings, metal roofs, large interior spaces and lots of active people mean that your AC system works overtime. One way to keep your fitness center cool, and lower energy costs, is with HVLS ceiling fans. (Yes, we do seem to find lots of applications for our fans. It’s because they really do help lower temperatures and energy costs!)

One HVLS fan can cool down a 20,000 square foot fitness center. As it turns, the fan creates a nice refreshing breeze that keeps people cool without the blast of refrigerated AC air that causes people to get goosebumps.

Another benefit of HVLS fans is humidity control. If your fitness center or gym has an indoor pool, sauna or locker rooms, you know that humidity, and its subsequent moisture build-up, is a real problem as it leads to mold and mildew. Mold spores float in the air; moisture-saturated surfaces are perfect breeding grounds — which is why it’s important to maintain low humidity indoors. Because HVLS fans help keep a constant temperature as well as continuously circulate fresh air, they help reduce the problems associated with humidity.

In addition, HVLS fans work in tandem with your AC system as they push the cool air down and out along the floor — ensuring your entire facility remains cool, not just parts of it. And finally, as the photo to the right shows, you can have us paint your HVLS fan blades to match your team or facility colors. Now is that cool or what?

To learn more about how HVLS fans can benefit your fitness center or gym, just give us a call. Or, see our Fintess Center – HVLS Fan page where you can fill out a form and one of our representatives will give you a call.

Eddie Boyd

Eddie Boyd

President & CEO at MacroAir
With an emphasis on scientific development and innovation, Boyd works closely with MacroAir engineers and provides a visionary direction that keeps the company aligned with its long-standing goal: creating superior products that move air efficiently.
Eddie Boyd
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    pam trader says:

    relocating and expanding our gym from 5ksf to 14,400sf. Would like to get a quote an a large fan, or two, for our main gym floor (cardio & weight areas) My cell is 443-235-0337. I can provide a layout of space upon your email. thanks

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