How to Improve Warehouse Cooling Without Replacing Your HVAC UnitCooling large spaces properly can be a challenge. Even if the area has air conditioning the air may not be distributed evenly, leaving some spots too warm. The installation of MacroAir High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans may be the solution to the problem.

Improve Warehouse Cooling

Steps that can be taken to improve warehouse cooling without replacing your HVAC unit include:

  • Adding HVLS Fans – These fans are great for large warehouse spaces. The fans move massive amounts of air and distribute it more evenly, leaving employees feeling cooler and more productive.
  • Keeping Machines in Top Running Order – Machines generally produce heat. Keeping your machines running smoothly will reduce any extra heat buildup and lead to a cooler work area.
  • Drinking Liquids – Drinking plenty of liquids will help employees stay hydrated and feel cooler. Make sure you have plenty of drinking stations or have water and other liquids readily available for workers. Teach employees to recognize the symptoms of heat-related issues.
  • Stripping Doors and Partitions – Leaving doors open, like dock doors, would allow cool air out or warm air in, or both. Keeping areas such as this partitioned off from others will help keep your warehouse area cooler.

Benefits of HVLS Fans

There are some definite benefits to installing HVLS fans. From comfort to safety the fans are a great choice for a warehouse. A few of the benefits include:

  • Employee comfort
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improved working conditions

Augment Cooling

Using HVLS fans to help facilitate air movement is a great way to augment cooling whether the current space has air conditioning or not. If additional cooling units are being used in a facility,the installation of a MacroAir HVLS fan may negate the need for them. Air conditioning units may even be spread further apart with the addition of the fans since the fans will make the space feel cooler.

HVLS fans can easily be added to exiting structures without the need for much, if any, modification or workplace disruption. Keeping your warehouse evenly ventilated and cooled enhances the safety of the area and keeps your employees more productive.

Supplementing HVAC with HVLS Fans

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