With the summer months right around the corner, it is crucial that businesses and employees are aware of the safety factors that come along with the heat. Employees are not the only ones who have to face the heat, but the area they work in can suffer as well. One way to combat the heat is with High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fans that can help with employee and building safety dramatically. Note that industrial fans have their own safety hazards that must be accounted for also. 

Sweating Slab Syndrome = Slippery Floors

Sweating slab syndrome (SSS) is mostly found in the warehouse and industrial buildings where condensation builds up on the concrete slab floors, machinery, and materials and humidity levels increase. The underlying cause of the sweat is moisture and when concrete slabs and materials reach dew point temperature.

Another factor that can cause SSS is salt deposits on the surface of the slab. Salt will act to attract moisture from the air and onto the surface of the slab and can even draw water from within the concrete.

If your building has SSS, slick floors pose a serious risk to employees slipping and injuring themselves. It can also cause mold to grow wherever it is damp which can affect workers’ health as well.

How do HVLS Fans help this dangerous syndrome?

HVLS ceiling fans can help dry out your warehouse using air movement. If the air movement inside the building isn’t sufficient, it is necessary to find a means to de-stratify the air by using an HVLS fan.

Employee Heat Stress

When employees are working hard in a hot environment, it is inevitable that they will sweat more, face physical exertion and even dehydration. If an employee is facing heat stress, they will be less productive during their workday which can cause a business to lose money and more workers.

Heated Warehouse affecting worker productivity – MacroAir Fans

How can HVLS ceiling fans help save a business from employees getting heat stress and potentially quitting?

Simple: HVLS fans move large volumes of air because of their size and speed. An HVLS ceiling fan can lower the perceptible temperature of a room by as much as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. They can also cool an area as large as 22,000 square feet.

Businesses will not have to worry about the summer heat and employee heat stress if they have the right cooling solutions in place. HVLS fans make employees more comfortable and also more productive.

Sick Building Syndrome

HVLS Fans Reduce Your Risk of Sick Building Syndrome

Sick building syndrome (SBS) is when the building has a lack of ventilation which can cause germs and sicknesses to last longer in the air. This can cause employees to become sick more easily.




Some of the common symptoms of SBS in employees are:

-Eye, nose, and throat irritation

-Itching and skin rashes

-Shortness of breath

-Difficulty concentrating

SBS can be a serious threat to workplace productivity and to the health of your employees.

How can HVLS ceiling fans help SBS? 

Again, simple: They improve the airflow in your building which can help with ventilation a well. HVLS fans ensure that the area of your building is filled with heathy air so SBS does not become a worry in your workplace.



The Bottom Line – An Overall Healthier Environment

During the summer, the temperature and humidity levels inside your workplace are increasing dramatically which does not sustain for a healthy environment. If the air is unhealthy, then employees become sick. If employees become sick, they do not come to work, and your business loses money and employee productivity.

Thankfully, HVLS ceiling fans can increase the comfort level for all by increasing air movement, keeping employees cool, temperatures down and even preventing SSS, heat stress and SBS.

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