Nolita Restaurant Uses Large Fans in it’s Open-Air Space

July 31, 2019 by Patrick Munar

Inspired by both contemporary and open-air features, Nolita Hall captures the essence of the modern San Diego indoor and outdoor restaurant experience. With retractable bay doors, floor-to-ceiling windows, a variety of indoor plants and a large skylight spanning the length of the restaurant, there is a blurred line between Nolita Halls outdoor and indoor environments.  It’s no wonder that Nolita Hall installed MacroAir large outdoor ceiling fans to further enhance the restaurant’s outdoor feel. In this blog, we will take a look at how Nolita is using outdoor industrial fans to increase comfort in its open air space.

Indoor Block Party

With a shuffleboard court and large screens for Xbox play or the broadcast of important sports events, Nolita Hall is positioning itself as a neighborhood hangout where the staff uses the space to create elevated food and beverages. The outdoor ceiling fans are a great option for cooling down Nolita Hall’s open-air space an increasing indoor air quality.  This is especially helpful during hot summer days when the fans provide a gentle breeze.

Aesthetically, the seating in the dining area and bar feels more like a street party than a traditional restaurant. Additionally, the fans perfectly complement Nolita’s straight lines and modern ambiance.

Check out how the fans seamlessly integrate with Nolita Hall:


A Practical Application: How it All Works?



The large, slow-moving columns of air created by the large outdoor ceiling fans have a wider reach. This creates less noise and operates more energy efficient than traditional small fans and exhaust fans.



The Result

A large outdoor ceiling fan is a great option for cooling down any outdoor public space like restaurant patios, open-air stadium concourses, and other outdoor public gathering spaces.

Have you experienced outdoor ceiling fans in an open space like Nolita Hall?  Leave your comment below.


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