How Much Does a Large Industrial Ceiling Fan Cost?

April 2, 2015 by Jaylin Krell



“How much does a large industrial ceiling fan cost?” The answer to this question depends upon your need and the size of the industrial ceiling fan you choose. In this post, you will find some general pricing guidelines and some of the additional add-ons that you need to consider when determining the cost of a large industrial ceiling fan.

The cost of a large industrial ceiling fan is much like the cost of a new car. If you are looking to purchase a mid-priced truck, there will be several brands to choose from; each brand with their own models and each model with individual options. Whatever your purchasing goals are, staying within a certain price point, having an extended cab, or best fuel economy, you will ultimately purchase the vehicle that best fits your needs. The cost of a large ceiling fan is like the cost of purchasing a vehicle in that there are several manufacturers of large ceiling fans, each with their own models and with various add-ons depending on your needs. Just like when purchasing a vehicle, the final cost of your large ceiling fan depends on your needs.

Now that you understand the vehicle analogy, here are some common “add-on” features that should be considered when looking at the total cost of a large industrial ceiling fan.

Optional Large Industrial Fan Add-on Features

  • Shipping + fuel surcharge
  • Installation labor cost
  • Possible installation infrastructure Support
  • Custom blade anodizing
  • Custom extensions
  • Corrosion resistant coating
  • UL control panels
  • Warranties
  • Maintenance package
  • Custom powder coating

6 Little Known Factors that Could Affect the Price of Your Industrial Ceiling Fan

1. Fan Size:

The cost of a large ceiling fan at MSRP is generally between $3,000 – $9,000. Generally, the size of the fan is what determines the price of a fan. An 8-foot industrial ceiling fan will be at the lower end of the price spectrum, while a 24-foot industrial ceiling fan will be at the high end of the price spectrum. In addition, the price can vary depending on the manufacturer, model and features that are included with the purchase. Typically, a complete industrial ceiling fan purchase includes: motor unit, blades, motor control panel, motor control cable, remote cable, and remote.

2. Shipping Cost:

The fans are big and can weigh anywhere from 213 pounds to over 400 pounds. Because of their massive proportions, the cost to ship the fans is not included in the purchase. Shipping for medium to large ceiling fans typically ranges around $250 depending on the fuel surcharge.

3. Installation Cost:

Professional installation is needed by either your maintenance team (1-2 people) depending on the brand you purchase or an installer of your choice. Some industrial ceiling fan manufacturers will require a factory installation otherwise the warranty would be void. The installation cost is determined by your particular installation scenario for your facility. Some of the largest and heaviest ceiling fans may require infrastructure installation support.

Different large ceiling fan manufacturers have different options for installation that affect the price. Working with a large industrial ceiling fan manufacturer who uses a full service distributor means that the distributor will assist you through the sales process, personally handle installation and/or be the installer of your industrial ceiling fan. Not all manufacturers and regions have full service distributors. However, there are alternative options such as purchasing directly from the manufacturer and self-installing or having a factory installation done. Each option offers various costs and benefits are one of the key areas that affect the final price of your industrial ceiling fan.

4. Hardware Cost:

Most large industrial ceiling fans require 38-96 inches of clearance from the ceiling. To allow for this clearance, guy wires are typically needed at installation. In addition to the guy wires, industrial ceiling fans need  installation hardware prescribed by the mounting solution that you decide on.

5. Warranty Cost:

Most large industiral ceiling fan manufacturers will offer a warranty on their fans. The length of coverage varies according to each individual manufacturer and can be offered as an hourly warranty of an annual warranty, typically ranging from 7-15 years.

6. Anodized Blades Cost:

Anodized blades help prevent corrosion. Some large industrial ceiling fan manufacturers anodize the blades on all their fans and some offer this as an add-on feature.




Although these price guidelines are general, they should hopefully give you a better understanding of the total cost when purchasing a large industrial ceiling fan. Different manufacturers offer different initial MSRP pricing. It is important to factor in all of the additional costs involved in purchasing, shipping and installing a large industrial ceiling fan.

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