Help Keep Wet, Moist Air Dry

January 7, 2014 by Eddie

Help Keep Wet, Moist Air DryAir in a building should be moisture-free, but different circumstances can cause moisture to creep into the environment. Some causes of this are obvious, such as a flood, or if the operations in the building boil liquids, power wash or steam. Others are more difficult to detect, like leaky plumbing or a small leak in the roof, and some causes such as the weather outside, can’t be helped.

Humidity: No Building’s Friend

No matter how humidity is caused, humid air creates issues in any type of building. When the water molecules in moist air encounter a chilled surface, it causes condensation, which harms items in storage and can create mold issues in buildings. Mold and mildew not only ruin inventory, they also significantly harm the health of people in the workplace, and can cause asthma, allergies and other illnesses. Humidity can cause sweating slab syndrome, which puts employees at a significant risk for slip and fall injuries.

Moist high humidity environments can also create bacteria, which can cause dank-smelling air and perishables to quickly spoil.Moisture in buildings can damage a building and increase the chances of cracking, peeling paint and rotting wood. Additionally, insects such as roaches, dust mites and even mosquitoes thrive in muggy spaces. If the problem is left unchecked, a building can become infested with these bugs.

Solving The Problem of Moist Air is a Breeze

Thankfully, there is a solution to indoor humidity. Most buildings, large or small, can be kept significantly drier using high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans. With MacroAir HVLS fans, large columns of air are continuously moved and evenly distributed throughout the facility. This constant circulation results in drier, cleaner air for employees to breath and work in. Additionally, products will be stored safer and last longer.

After an HVLS fan is installed, the feeling of the ambient air is sudden and airflow is noticeably improved.Air or the environment smells fresher, feels cooler, and stuffiness is gone. Products and other inventory last longer in storage, and worker health and productivity increase. The thermostat for cooling can even be turned up several degrees without impacting the comfort of employees, saving money on electricity bills for the company. De-humidifiers also do not need to be used as often, if at all, which can save more money and hassle.

MacroAir HVLS fans are quiet and maintain a gentle, constant breeze of three miles per hour. Additionally,our HVLS fans also have the unique capability to be operated in reverse, ideal for circulating warm air in colder months.

No Problem Too Large

Even huge rooms, such as warehouses and industrial spaces, can benefit from a single HVLS fan. The AirSpan is a great option for keeping spaces more than 10,000 square feet moisture-free. The AirSpan creates large, gentle columns of air that move through the space effectively mixing and circulating the air to create a more pleasant environment.

Contact us to learn more about how MacroAir HVLS fans can help your business overcome moisture problems for a cleaner, healthier and more productive environment.

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