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Freezing technology has been around a long time, but have you ever wondered how it works? Why are certain areas of the freezer colder than others? How can you regulate the freezing quality and intensity? What is the specific components that make it possible to regulate freezer temperatures?

Just like facilities that need heating, freezers use HVAC technology to pump cold air into the controlled space. Freezers also use fans, which helps to regulate a smoother, more constant temperature throughout the space. This mixes cold air with warmer air to deliver a uniform, accurate, and stable environment that ensures the stored product freezes at constant temperatures.

The mixing of the cold air at the bottom with the warmer air at the top is called de-stratification.

Large freezers also produce a lot of noise when they operate and this can be quite disturbing. Naturally, this happens because the motors and smaller fan blades move at a higher speed to provide the necessary cooling effect.

HVLS Fans De-Stratify Air

Our High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fan technology will solve most facilities’ stratification problems. So how does it work?

Air temperature can change as much as half a degree per foot, so a 30′ ceiling could have a 15 degree temperature differential between ceiling temperature and floor temperature. Stratification also happens in a freezer environment where the cooling source is a good distance away from the thermostat (or other regulation device).

MacroAir’s HVLS Fan Technology in large walk-in freezers or cooling warehouses work to de-stratify layered air in large freezer facilities. To bring uniform coldness, our fans spin at lower speeds than other fan manufacturer’s do (which consumes less power), while pushing the same amount of air.

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