Even In Unexpected Places

April 9, 2010 by Patrick Munar

Those of us that work here at MacroAir and are familiar with our products and customers know that our fans are beneficial in a variety of places and for a variety of businesses and people!  We’ve marketed our fans as being designed for use in large industrial, commercial, and agricultural/farm buildings.  However, there are lots of businesses that could benefit from the use of our products.

We’ve asked some of our employees to share stories of times they’ve been out and about and have unexpectedly encountered a MacroAir fan.  These are some of the responses that we’ve received:

  • While sitting at a racing dinner at Lucas Oil in Corona in the summer, I feel a cool gentle breeze and look up to see a MacroAir fan slowly turning.
  • My daughter actually enjoys cheer practice in Palm Springs even on the hottest summer days because of a MacroAir fan.
  • While shopping for my industrial kitchen supplies, I looked up and noticed an enormous MacroAir fan.
  • MacroAir fans make it much more pleasant while I wait for my Mercedes-Benz in the valet drive.

If you use or appreciate a MacroAir fan, we’d love to hear about it!

Until next time!

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