Although the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) released its findings about the ESFR sprinkler study in February 2011, we didn’t find this informative video until just now. In it Kathleen Almand, the Executive Director of the Fire Protection Research Foundation, answers questions about the impact of HVLS fans on ESFR sprinkler systems.

The impetus for the study came about, according to Almand, due to concerns from the insurance industry. HVLS fans were “popping up” in all sorts of commercial and industry buildings and no one was sure what their effect would be on sprinkler system performance.

The Foundation conducted ten full scale tests in two research facilities — FM Global and Underwriters Laboratories — and received very favorable results.

If you’re an architect or HVAC engineer and need information about this study when designing building systems, the NFPA has the following data available:

High Volume / Low Speed Fan and Sprinkler Operation — Phase 2 Final Report (PDF)
This report contains all aspects of the testing as well as data and diagrams.

High Volume / Low Speed Fan and Sprinkler Operation Webinar (Windows OS required)

You can also visit the Foundation’s YouTube channel for additional videos.

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