In the latest issue of Construction Specifier Magazine, Jonathan Hollist – Research & Development Engineer at MacroAir Fans – contributed an informative cover story discussing various topics on High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fan applications.

MacroAir Fans: The Future of HVLS Fan Development

Jonathan provides insight on MacroAir’s story of innovation including the invention of the HVLS fan, the future of fan automation, and current industry standards related to performance testing. Highlighted are the sizable advances that MacroAir has made in airflow mapping, specifically the development of AirViz, MacroAir’s one-of-a-kind airflow simulator.  AirViz uses computational fluid dynamics to provide a visual display of airflow and allows customers to see fan performance in their space.

“Our AirViz system shows customers where they can use the fans in their situation. They can put it in their building and see where the fan is going to blow the air to get the best results”.  Jonathan Hollist – Research & Development Engineer

The Growing Industry Need for HVLS Fans

MacroAir’s cover story is an example of the growing popularity of HVLS fans among architects, designers and engineers involved in specification. The article highlights MacroAir’s position as the inventor of the HVLS fan and how continual ingenuity delivers the most advanced HVLS fans to building design professionals.

Download the article here and see how MacroAir fans provide the best air experience!

One comment on “Cover Story: Fanning Innovation with HVLS Fans

  1. Brent Schulz on

    I’m an architect. From a code standpoint, (2015 IECC specifically) how can we use HVLS fans to allow us to change the designed temperature set points (wet bulb or dry bulb?) to beyond what is allowable so we can then downsize HVAC units in a fitness club? I need to convince not only our mechanical engineer but also various building officials.


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