Creativity is the foundation for the work done at Community Works Design Group, a landscape architecture firm in Southern California. CWDG creates fun and innovative landscape designs for its surrounding communities.  To keep the CWDG office the coolest space it can be they decided to put a MacroAir big commercial fan in their space which has inspired the staff to create some of their best work yet.

A Comfortable Office is a Productive Office

In an effort to inspire creativity the CWDG office is purposefully designed to feel homey and comfortable, it even has an indoor slide to ensure that the design group gets some childlike wonder out of their staff.  So It’s safe to say that CWDG understands that an uncomfortable employee is not the most productive.

According to a NASA study on heat stress, when temperatures are over 80°, it has a negative effect on both the productivity and accuracy of work.

A Tale of Two Stories

The CWDG office is a 2-story building with workstations on the bottom floor and the top floor. The floors are not separated by a lot of space yet the feeling of temperature is very different from the bottom to the top. The challenge this presented to the staff was that one group of employees felt comfortable, while the other felt uncomfortable.

We’d like to make our office a little more uniform throughout the first and second floor, and these fans really help do that.” – Tim Maloney, President | Community Works Design Group


Big Airflow in a Sleek Package

MacroAir big commercial ceiling fans are designed to create comfortable airflow throughout office spaces. This increases employee comfort, resulting in increased productivity.

Benefits of MacroAir HVLS fans in office spaces:

  • Evenly distributes cooler air during the hot summer months and heated air during winter.
  • Because of the specially designed large fan blades, MacroAir big commercial ceiling fans can cool a much large amount of square feet, compared to smaller high-speed fans to get similar results.
  • Perfect for distributing temperatures in an office with high, compared to traditional commercial fans, exhaust fans or HVAC systems alone.

MacroAir big commercial fans can also be utilized as the perfect complement to HVAC systems. MacroAir HVLS ceiling fans reduce energy costs by supplementing the HVAC system, which can contribute up to a 20% reduction in energy usage. So any size office can increase or decrease its thermostat by 5° and would see up to 20% reduction in cooling or heating costs.

MacroAir Technologies develops the latest in innovative big commercial fan technology, providing a more efficient means of keeping employees comfortable and energy efficiency for office spaces, which helps office employees maintain creative and productive work output.

Click the link below to learn more about how MacroAir HVLS fans can increase comfort and cool down your office.

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