In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, indoor air quality is no longer a choice. It’s a key requirement. Many experts, including ASHRAE, EPA and CDC, are touting indoor air-management strategies aimed to improve air quality and reduce occupant exposure to infectious aerosols.

Here Is the Role MacroAir Plays

MacroAir invented large ceiling fans not only for cooling and heating but also for comfort, which ultimately leads to human wellness. If you have ever been cooped up inside a building with stale and stagnant air, you are aware of how that feeling can slow you down. In contrast, if you have worked in a building that has good air movement and ventilation, you can find yourself being more motivated, productive and collaborative.

At MacroAir, we believe in the science of aerobiology, and we’re committed to improving the air quality in your warehouses. Here are some of the ways our fans contribute to your effort to control air quality.

  • Ventilation: According to EPA, when you increase ventilation, you dilute indoor airborne pollutants, which reduces the level of contaminants and greatly improves indoor air quality. The best way to increase ventilation is to circulate large amounts of air, and the best way to circulate large amounts of air is with HVLS fans.
  • Dilution: Ventilation dilutes indoor airborne pollutants coming from various indoor sources, which reduces the level of contaminants and improves indoor air quality. HVLS fans support dilution ventilation by destratifying the space, thereby preventing contaminated air from settling in unvented areas.
  • Optimal air movement: MacroAir fans help improve indoor air quality by circulating stale, contaminated air and improving air circulation. MacroAir fans move air down and out in all directions. This keeps air fresh and helps people feel more comfortable.
  • Thorough air circulation: Our fans’ ability to thoroughly circulate air leads to more effective removal of pollutants and reduces the likelihood of experiencing “sick building syndrome.”

As the inventor of HVLS fans, we are here to help you provide a healthy work environment and give you and everybody in your buildings unequaled peace of mind.

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