reduce excessive ductworkHVLS  (High Volume Low Speed) fans are quickly being recognized for their ability to circulate air more efficiently and more completely in any environment.  Their ability to gently and quietly move large amounts of air without disrupting the environment makes them an excellent choice for offices and restaurants. Their benefits go far beyond the financial aspect of a business.

HVLS fans are able to move massive volumes of air throughout the entire environment, unlike duct work. Using HVLS technology to move air in a specific environment accomplishes several things. Air is drawn to the fan from all directions and as it’s moved downward, it also moves out in all directions. This creates a more  consistent temperature throughout the entire room.

Reduces the Need for Excessive Duct Work

HVLS fans reduce the need for an excessive network of ducts and ceilings can be designed taller to give the room a more open feel. Their ability to move air efficiently also reduces the amount of stress placed on your HVAC system. The fan is able to circulate stratified air efficiently so that less heat is lost in the winter and cool air is distributed more evenly in the summer.

Moves Larger Amounts of Air More Efficiently

HVLS fans are designed to draw air in from all directions, increasing the amount of air brought into the fan. Smaller fans are designed to push a small amount of air from place to place and cannot disperse it evenly enough to control the temperature of a large room. An HVLS fan is able to draw in and force out an abundant amount of air, without relying on input from ducts or other access points.

With the use of HVLS fans, HVAC systems don’t have to run as often, nor do they have to run as long. HVLS fans  provide a soothing flow of air that continually flows through an entire area, preventing pockets of warm or cold air. Temperatures remain constant without fluctuations or dramatic changes.

Blends Air More Efficiently

HVLS fans are also capable of blending air from different sources more efficiently than smaller fans. Air enters a room through the opening and closing of doors and as well as from the HVAC system. The HVLS fan’s ability to draw air from every direction pulls newly introduced air into the current path of circulation.

If the newly introduced air is hotter or cooler than the existing temperature of the room, its inclusion into the flowing air will immediately acclimate it to its surroundings preventing temperature fluctuations. Maintaining a constant temperature in this manner prevents HVAC systems from being overworked.

HVLS Fans Can Be Placed Anywhere

MacroAir also has HVLS fans, such as the AirEco, which can be placed almost anywhere at any angle and still accomplish their task. The technology used to create them allows for an even flow of air no matter how they are placed. The blades of the fan are designed to reduce turbulence. They can move large volumes of air with much less speed, creating less turbulence and preventing moving air from causing disruptions in the environment.

The unique design of HVLS fans means the flow of air remains constant no matter what direction the blades are facing. This allows them to be mounted on walls and pedestals in areas where a ceiling can’t support them.

HVLS fans are innovative additions to any commercial property. They are uniquely designed to be energy and cost efficient, as well as pleasing to the eye. They are built to blend in easily with their environment. Whether on the ceiling or on a pedestal, an HVLS fan is a positive addition to any commercial space.

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