Best Practices to Retain Warehouse Employees

November 15, 2018 by Patrick Munar

The pressure to retain warehouse employees is even more apparent during the holidays when companies are faced with peak orders and a significant increase in staff. In this blog, we’ve got some cool strategies you can use for employee retention during the holidays.

Create A Cool Culture

Improving company culture has a significant positive impact on your bottom line. An engaged workforce increases productivity, improves customer service, and lowers employee turnover, all of which cut down on costs. By aligning core values, consistently measuring results, building action plans and following through on changes, you will see results.

Here are some other simple yet effective practices that can help you retain your warehouse workforce:

  • Maintaining a well-lit warehouse
  • Maintaining a clean warehouse
  • Having managers frequently monitor individuals as they do their jobs and provide on-the-spot positive reinforcement

Make Things Easy

As warehouses become more automated, warehouse workers are finding that their jobs are made easier through new technology. One of the main technological advancements making tasks easier for warehouse employees is building management system (BMS). A BMS is a computer-based system designed to monitor and control a building’s mechanical and electrical equipment and network them into a cohesive system.

The biggest benefit of the BMS for warehouses is that it optimizes equipment performance. It also provides facility managers with a visualization of sometimes large and complex networks of building technology with modifiable data for more strategic decision-making.

Building management systems can be accessed remotely or locally. A BMS can manage facility equipment such as lighting, security, power, HVAC and warehouse fans based on programmable user input. A BMS can even help capture and analyze real-time equipment data, which helps facility managers develop strategies that increase efficiency and oversee asset value.

Here are other types of warehouse equipment that can make tasks easier for employees:

  • High-speed conveyors and sortation equipment
  • Inventory tracking software
  • Sorting robots
  • Warehouse drones

Comfort is Key

Making your warehouse a place where employees truly want to come to work every day is dependent on the type of environment they are working in. MacroAir big industrial ceiling fans create comfortable airflow throughout warehouses. This increases employee comfort, resulting in increased productivity and thus improved operations. Other benefits of the large warehouse fans include:

  • Energy efficiency: saving on heating and cooling costs
  • Increased ventilation
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Quiet operation

Large warehouse fans can be installed in most warehouses without major restructuring and can even supplement an existing HVAC system. If you run a warehouse without HVAC, the airflow output from a MacroAir industrial fan can be a huge game changer for managing your employees’ work environment. Additionally, in combination with a BMS, warehouse facility managers have greater control over the way warehouse fans and HVAC systems work together providing a tremendous reduction in the amount of energy used, all while providing comfort for warehouse workers.

A combination of feasible strategies like creating a cool company culture, utilizing building management systems and installing warehouse fans are increasingly used as a means to help employees feel comfortable, be productive and stay happy at work. The scalability and quick implementation of these strategies mean that the benefits can be seen quickly and at a fraction of the initial investment of traditional warehouse operating costs.

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