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Large Commercial Fans for Places of Worship

Big Fans for Places of Worship MacroAir’s big fans can be a good fit for any space, especially in places of worship. Big commercial ceiling fans are quiet, so parishioners won’t be distracted by fast rotating ceiling fans. HVLS—High Volume, Low Speed—fans move large amounts of air slowly, making them extremely energy efficient. HVLS fans […]

HVLS Fan or an HVAC System? How About Both?

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) in industrials buildings can cause your electrical bill to soar, especially during the summer. Start more effectively distributing your air by pairing your HVAC with HVLS fans. This will make your employees and customers feel more comfortable and save you a ton of money on your energy bill.

Back to Basics: Features to Look for in HVLS fans

MacroAir’s founder, Walter Boyd, invented the High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) fan in 1998 to cool dairy cows to help them produce more milk. Over time, many different fan manufacturers have come into the market, and so it’s important to know the key HVLS fan features you should look for before buying your own.