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Treat Sick Building Syndrome with HVLS Fans

Sick building syndrome, also known as SBS, is a problem with a multitude of causes and symptoms. Experts disagree about what exact elements cause sick building syndrome: some even believe that SBS is not a disease itself, but rather the manifestation of specific known diseases that can occur as a result of harmful air pollutants […]

Air Has Evolved – MacroAir has Reinvented HVLS

After spending the last 15 years perfecting high volume, low speed (HVLS) fan technology, we have re-invented the HVLS industrial fan category with our new product line AirVolution-D. It is with great joy and excitement that all of us at MacroAir share what we have been hard at work on for the past few months.

How HVLS Fans Reduce Summer Cooling Expenses

You need to keep your building and employees cool, comfortable and productive,especially during the long summer months.  But cooling a large space can be prohibitively expensive for many companies. You either don’t have an existing HVAC system, or the one you do have needs some help.  The good news is that cooling your building does […]

MacroAir 6ft AirStar Acquires AMCA Certification

AMCA, which stands for The Air Movement and Control Association International, is a not-for-profit international association of the world’s manufacturers of fans, louvers, dampers, air curtains and other air system components. We are proud to share that MacroAir’s 6ft AirStar fan has acquired the AMCA* 230 certification for Air Performance. This rating is based upon the tests […]

Why Anodized Aluminum Fan Blades Are Superior

Anodized aluminum is used in industrial applications where durability is crucial. According to the Aluminum Anodizers Council, anodizing is an electrochemical process that essentially enhances the natural oxidation process to make the aluminum stronger and more durable.  The result is an extremely hard substance called anodized aluminum.  It is not a coating and cannot chip […]

Smart Decision Making Tool – AirViz

You may already know that MacroAir high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans are a proven solution for changing perceptible room temperature by 5 degrees, and lowering heating and cooling costs by as much as 20 percent when used with traditional HVAC equipment. You may also know that MacroAir manufactures five lines of HVLS fans in […]

Summer Heat Relief for Employees

Uncomfortably warm working conditions not only feels bad, but also can cause business owners to lose money because of lower employee production and higher rates of absenteeism. Believe it or not, if it is too warm, then worker morale is negatively affected. The solution does not require an expensive HVAC system overhaul. One or two […]

MacroAir and the BMW Olympic Bobsleds – Something in Common?

Yes. Fluid dynamics modeling, in fact. In a recent USA Today article, Michael Scully, who works for BMW North America/Designworks, was interviewed about his role in helping to design the new bobsleds for the 2014 U.S. Olympic team. He said he used computational fluid dynamics to run simulations of various design versions of a bobsled […]

AirVolution and AirSpan Fan Lines are UL Listed

  The UL Listed symbol is special.  The UL Mark, sometimes called an Underwriters Laboratory Mark, on a product means that UL has tested and evaluated the product and determined that it meets the strict UL requirements for safety.  MacroAir has always manufactured innovative, safe and specially engineered fans for a variety of applications.  But […]