Air Has Evolved – MacroAir has Reinvented HVLS

After spending the last 15 years perfecting high volume, low speed (HVLS) fan technology, we have re-invented the HVLS industrial fan category with our new product line AirVolution-D. It is with great joy and excitement that all of us at MacroAir share what we have been hard at work on for the past few months.

MacroAir’s AirVolution-D is powered by a breakthrough in motor technology, called D-Drive, which is the world’s first compact electric motor capable of handling the consistent torque requirements of a 24-foot diameter industrial fan. At the heart of AirVolution-D is a breakthrough in motor design delivering 50% more mechanical horsepower and 75% more wind power than current HVLS fans on the market.

Take a look at how air has evolved.

Eddie Boyd

President & CEO at MacroAir
With an emphasis on scientific development and innovation, Boyd works closely with MacroAir engineers and provides a visionary direction that keeps the company aligned with its long-standing goal: creating superior products that move air efficiently.
Eddie Boyd