4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Building This Year

AVD3-croppedAs we begin this new year, many building owners and operators are looking for ways to get the most out of their facilities in 2017. Whether you have a large distribution center or a small warehouse to store some local inventory, there are a few things you should do to get your facility set up for a successful 2017.

1. Revisit safety policies

Take a look at safety regulations that apply to your facility and see if any changes or updates need to be made. Also examine the policies you’ve been following the past year – do they still make sense? Is there anything you could change to make your policies more effective at keeping your team safe?

2. Review data from the past year

If you have a building management system (BMS), there’s a good chance you’ve been collecting data about your building’s systems and their use of energy. Check these records and compare them to what you expected to use – if there are big differences between projected and actual costs, you might need to investigate further.

Even if you don’t have a BMS, you can at least check out your monthly utility bills to see if there were any months with abnormally high costs.

3. Analyze your systems and processes

A new year is a great time to examine the way you and your staff handle daily operations. Consider things like storage, inventory organization, accepting deliveries, sending shipments, etc. Think about whether there is anything you could do to make these systems easier.

For example, if you are still using a manual intake system, you might consider switching to an automated receiving tool that allows you to scan a barcode to input data about a shipment. This way you don’t have to depend on employees to manually enter information about new inventory.

4. Perform annual maintenance

Most facilities have maintenance tasks performed on an annual or bi-annual basis. A few of these procedures could include cleaning equipment and storage areas, checking the fluid levels of industrial vehicles, and inspecting machines or other systems used in the building. Maintaining adequate ventilation is critical for comfort and air quality, so remember to check your ventilation system including your fans.

Final word on bringing in the new year successfully

To get the most out of your building this year, start with safety. Preventing hazards will help you accomplish the goals your building exists to accomplish. Reviewing your building’s utility data and processes will help you adjust for a more effective and efficient 2017. Revising your building processes and performing maintenance on your equipment will help you ring in a successful year.

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Jaylin Krell

Jaylin Krell

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Jaylin Krell