4 Benefits of Integrating HVLS Fans Into Your Building Management System

October 25, 2016 by Jaylin Krell

An HVLS fan near an HVLS ventBuilding management systems (BMS) are a great modern convenience for facility managers. These systems allow tenants to control a building’s lighting, HVAC, security, and ventilation settings from a single computer.

While many building owners and operators are already taking advantage of BMS to help increase the efficiency of their operation, not everyone is familiar with how well these systems work with HVLS fans. Integrating HVLS fans into your facility’s building management system will provide you and your business with a number of important benefits, including these 3:

1. Reduced energy use for climate control

BMS allows you much greater control over the way your building’s systems work together. When they are combined properly, HVLS fans and an HVAC system provide tremendous reductions in the amount of energy you use to heat or cool your space. Tying these two systems to a building automation system makes it much easier to ensure you are maximizing the efficiency of your climate control solutions..

2. Saves time on building management

Without a building management system, you might have several different systems that need to be controlled through thermostats, wall-mounted panels, computer software, etc. Managing all of your facility’s various systems separately is not only inefficient, it can lead to mistakes or oversights.

By using a BMS for your HVLS fans and other systems, you’ll no longer have to worry about spending time controlling your fans separately – they’ll be integrated into the method you already use to manage your building.

3. Lengthens the HVLS fan’s lifespan

Greater control over your HVLS fans means you can make sure they are running at optimal speed and in the correct direction. There’s no concern about the fans running needlessly while no one is in the building. This reduces the amount of time your fan is on, and since the best HVLS fan manufacturers provide a warranty based on the fans’ running hours, it extends your warranty.

4. Provides remote access

Without a building management system, it’s difficult to manage your building unless you are on-site. Today’s BMS platforms allow users to monitor and control their building systems through apps and computer softwareThis lets building managers see if there is an issue in the building after-hours or overnight. Some building management systems even have sensors that will send out alerts when the temperature reaches a certain level, which helps protect inventory and equipment sensitive to heat and cold.

BMS and HVLS Fans: A Perfect Match

If you’re looking to improve control over your building, extend the lifespan of your facility’s climate control systems, and cut down on your monthly utility expenditures, a building automation systemis a great choice. Be sure to install HVLS fans that are compatible with your BMS so that they work together efficiently to make managing your building much easier.

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