Preparing orders, pulling materials, packing boxes, and maintaining quick and reliable service. Juggling all of these tasks can be the regular regiment for employees in an industrial facility. Now imagine having to complete those tasks in a space that is extremely hot, with air that doesn’t feel right as you breathe it in. MacroAir’s big industrial and commercial ceiling fans can change the environment. The air movement from the fans positively affects employee comfort in warehouses or distribution centers, increasing their productivity.

1 Air Movement Creates Good Work Environments

Individual Food Service—located in Bell, California—utilizes MacroAir’s large industrial fans to get the quality air movement they need to feel comfortable to stay productive in their work. The big industrial ceiling fans provide a large volume of air movement that is the foundation for the distribution center’s positive working environment.

In speaking to how MacroAir fans are a key element for employee productivity at the IFS distribution center, Assistant GM—Mario Vargas—said, “Our warehouse was reaching high temperatures, which was an inconvenience to our employees.”

“We wanted to accommodate our employees, and since the installation of the fans our warehouse has cooled down. That actually increased productivity for them to be in a more comfortable and controlled environment.”

2 Air Movement Helps Employees Breathe Easy

Breathing, for the most part, is something you often do not have to think about. If a warehouse or distribution center’s air quality is low, breathing can feel much more like a challenge than a subconscious effort. Even if you don’t realize it, your body does. Surviving on shallow breaths puts a lot stress on your body, especially your heart and lungs, making task in warehouses and distribution centers much more difficult. MacroAir’s large industrial ceiling fans thermally equalize a space, providing an excellent ventilation solution.  Employees can take big, easy breaths and give their bodies the air quality they need to be productive.

3 A Custom Look is Good for Employee Morale

IFS is painting the town red. Okay, maybe not the town, but the big industrial ceiling fans installed in their distribution center are definitely powder coated in a custom red color. Powder coating MacroAir’s large industrial ceiling fans provides a fun and unique aesthetic to help employees feel comfortable in their environment.

Combining the factors of air movement through fan performance and aesthetic through color customization and having a giant fan hanging from the ceiling creates a work environment where employees feel good, leading them be more productive in their work.

Check out the video and click the link below to see how our large industrial ceiling fans can positively affect your warehouse or distribution center.

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