Mastered air movement, like a piece of art.

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How can MacroAir fans benefit your aviation space?
Operate quietly. They move air to every corner of your space. Elevate the look of your hanger with a stylish aesthetic. Reduce energy costs by as much as 30%. Help to keep hangers cool in summer months & warm in winter months. Free up floor space by replacing many small floor fans. Provide superb air mixing. Help keep the birds away from your planes.

The crew has really noticed a difference with the fans. The fan is efficient, effective and it even looks cool spinning. Adding the two fans and doing our roof in a white reseal material has brought the temperature down by at least 20 degrees in our warehouse! Thank you Macroair!

Juan G Robbin

Skymart Aviation


Elevate Your Aviation Space

One sleek-looking MacroAir fan can replace many loud, echoing barrel fans. The unique, NASA-inspired airfoil fan blades will move air to practically every square inch of your space. They’ll help keep your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter (when run in reverse). The significant airflow will also blow huge energy savings your way year-round.