Big Fans, Big Airflow

Not sure which fans you need, how many, or how well they will work in your space? AirViz is here to help. There’s no need to schedule a visit to your facility, simply provide us with your building’s layout or dimensions and we will recommend the right fans for your space. Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), we can quickly provide a recommendation for your space that you can see and believe. Click here to get your free AirViz assessment.

How AirViz Works

AirViz - Provide us with facility dimensions


Provide us with your facility dimensions and layout drawings if you have them available.

AirViz - Running the simulation


We will build and run the AirViz simulation according to the dimensions provided.

AirViz - Scientifically proven recommendations


We will send you a custom report with scientifically proven recommendations.

Customers Believe in It

MacroAir AirViz – Fitaholic Fitness Testimonial
Bikecoach Uses AirViz to See How Many Fans they Need – MacroAir HVLS Fans – AirVolution-D

Visualize Big Fans in Your Space

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