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MacroAir fans help keep animals more active and provide a better life quality through better air quality. Stalled animals can develop airway respiratory inflammation due to particles in the stale stable air, including dust and mold. MacroAir fans eliminate stale air by continually circulating it. Further, animal excrement releases ammonia into the air. HVLS fans dilute the ammonia and reduce odors in the stalls. HVLS fans also reduce the number of insects and flies with the airflow they create. The fans eliminate the need for spraying chemicals to control flies which saves money and, once again, gives the animals better health and better quality of life.

“Horses love coming into the stable. The fans keep the barn 10 degrees cooler. And, there’s no dust. The fans work so well.” Brian, Blue Apple Ranch - Ramona, CA

With the installation of four AirVolution-D 550 fans, the Wesleyan College Equestrian Center has enjoyed: consistent airflow throughout the stalls, fewer flies landing and biting the horses, and safety with a permanent installation versus extension cords running from box fan to box fan.

Riverside Rancheros has been able to ease the heat during competitions because of the comfortable breeze provided by their MacroAir 24’ AirVolution fan. Plus, they are saving $3,000 a month in energy costs!

“The summer months here in Texas are tough on the horses as well as the livestock and trainers. I had to find a solution to cool down my indoor arena so I turned to the folks at MacroAir Technologies. These fans really do the job!!!” - Chris Cox, Professional Horseman

In the food processing industry, as chickens are being processed, they produce Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) fumes which cause hazards to the workers, including headaches, nausea, asthma, respiratory problems, digestive issues, collapse, and even death. The workers must wear a device to monitor their exposure to these concentrated harsh fumes and are sent home when they are over-exposed. HVLS fans break up the concentration of the fumes and dissipate them to safe levels. This saves the company money from worker comp claims, paying workers to go home to outgas, downtime, etc.

The hot, Texas heat made Ward Heid with Iconoclast add a 24’ MacroAir AirVolution fan to his riding arena. “MacroAir’s fan is the difference between me being able to do my job and not.” -Ward Heid, Iconoclast

In regard to our two customized powder-coated (yellow blades with red blade tips) 12' AVDX fans installed in our new workshop, we are quite pleased. We love the variable-adjusted control both in forward and reverse. During winter we run them slowly to push warm air down from the high 21' ceiling, and then in warmer months, we run them faster to move more air which they have plenty of capacity for. Given the fans are brushless magnetic means they are very quiet in operation regardless of speed and have no vibration even at full speed which is impressive! The custom coloring we did on the blades always gets great comments, as their appearance alone impresses everyone, and further improves the overall quality of the space in appearance with another high-quality piece of equipment. In the design and layout of our shop, we also appreciated the front-end input and support from the manufacturer to assess proper fan sizing, spacing, and placement within our intended space to maximize air movement as desired. VERY HAPPY with our purchase thus far!

Wes Armstrong

Manyfold Farm LLC

But what about cost…

Depending on the facility, your initial investment can be recuperated in as quickly as six months with the cost-saving effects of HVLS air movement. Over time, you can save up to 30% on your energy costs. Just one efficient MacroAir fan can replace 38 small, energy-sucking fans. Moreover, MacroAir’s HVLS fans are a high-quality, cost-effective solution to air movement. Our engineers work tirelessly to ensure the state-of-the-art design and top-notch performance of each fan. We are called the “Engineers of Air” for good reason, as we continually strive to perfect our HVLS fans. We care about giving you our best and creating a product that is unparalleled in quality and engineering.

But I don’t even know how many fans I need…

We make this part easy. Let us help you get exactly what model, size, and number of MacroAir fans you need. Simply contact our knowledgeable customer care representatives to help you select the best possible air movement solution. They will ensure you have all your questions answered and that you receive the best HVLS fan for your space. Plus, installation is a breeze with our highly-qualified technicians. MacroAir will set you up with your specific facility and installation

But what about clearance…

MacroAir fans have a minimum height requirement is at least 10 feet above the floor. Most fans have a 3 ft drop standard, meaning your ceiling height must be at least 13 ft. Many models can be shortened to a 2 ft drop standard. The AVD370 can go as short as a one ft drop standard.

Also, make certain that fans are positioned so that blade tips are at least 3 feet away from any area where a person may be able to extend outward to reach them. Please note that HVLS fans do not need to be closer to the ground in order for you to feel the air move. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Keeping fans up higher (especially larger diameter fans) actually allows even more air circulation. Air is sure to reach every nook and cranny of your space, keeping every plant, animal, and person comfortable.

MacroAir’s experts are available to answer any questions you may have in regards to clearance and spacing requirements for your fan. Specifics on each fan’s clearance and spacing requirements can be found in the installation manuals linked below:

AVDX Installation manual

AIrVolution Installation manual

AirLegacy Installation manual

AVD3 Installation manual

AVD370 Installation manual

But what about MacroAir’s warranty…

Warranty Info

Above is a quick reference to our available warranties. You can find all MacroAir warranty information by clicking HERE.

Not Only Does MacroAir Know HVLS Fans...They Invented Them

MacroAir fans got their start in the agriculture industry in 1998 when Walt and Eddie Boyd were asked by the University of California Riverside to solve the problem of overheating in a dairy barn. They were tasked with cooling the large barn and helping the cows increase their milk production. Thus, arose the birth of a HUGE idea for a HUGE fan. The genius invention of the original High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fan was born to solve an agricultural problem.

The Boyds pushed boundaries with the creation of the HVLS fan and REVOLUTIONIZED how people and animals experience comfort by air movement. This was the dawn of the HVLS industry that has helped to improve the world of Agriculture as we once understood it.

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