Big Industrial HVLS Fans

MacroAir HVLS industrial ceiling fans keep air circulating and provide a refreshing breeze to the floor below.

Industrial ceiling fans.

MacroAir fans are industrial-strength machines that can make a powerful difference in comfort, productivity and costs. Regardless of the size or shape of your facility, there’s a MacroAir fan that can improve your environment.

Industrial-strength savings.

Our revolutionary 6ixBlade™ technology creates smooth, precise, and efficient airflow with less energy and less drag than typical ten-blade fans. Working alone or in concert with an HVAC system, you can expect up to 20% savings on your heating and cooling costs from day one. And our lifetime warranty and industry leading support will make installing and owning a MacroAir fan a breeze. With blade sizes from 8′ to 24′ we can spec a MacroAir fan that will be the ideal solution for your industrial application.

warehouse distribution HVLS ceiling fans

Warehouse / Distribution

Throughout the winter and summer months, warehouses face an uphill battle to achieve adequate heat and air conditioning distribution along with proper ventilation. MacroAir warehouse fans take care of this problem by breaking up and moving large volumes of otherwise stagnant air quietly and efficiently. Using HVLS technology, facilities can reduce their air conditioning and heating costs and eliminate ductwork.

manufacturing facility HVLS ceiling fans


Providing safe and adequate ventilation as well as cost effective cooling and heating control is important for many manufacturing and production facilities. MacroAir’s 6ixBlade™ HVLS fans help by providing constant air flow throughout the entire environment, resulting in effective cooling and heating, decreased energy costs and increased efficiency. HVLS fans are designed to push high volumes of air as quietly as possible.

small shop hvls fans

Small Shop / Misc. Industrial

Small spaces require a smarter approach to ventilation. MacroAir’s AirStar, AirVolution and AirEco solutions are specifically designed to meet the ventilation requirements of small shops and other industrial areas. Like our larger offerings, these fans are effective at creating large volumes of air flow efficiently and comfortably. Each fan operates smoothly and quietly, creating a natural breeze of cool air that comforts and ventilates.

aviation hanger hvls fans


MacroAir’s effective solutions for natural air flow aren’t just for warehouses and manufacturing settings. Many aspects of aviation, especially terminals, garages and food service areas benefit from ventilation and air distribution provided by high volume low speed fans. Designed to be silent, ergonomic and attractive, MacroAir HVLS fans enhance natural ventilation, allowing facilities to minimize exhaust fumes, smoke and other unwanted odors.

auto service showroom hvls cooling fans

Auto Service

MacroAir HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans bring relief to auto service bays and the service technicians who work within them. A 2 horsepower fan is not only capable of circulating air in places where technicians need it most, these fans also reduce HVAC costs by 20 percent. Smooth, quiet and efficient enough to earn LEED credits, MacroAir fans improve and accelerate natural ventilation, controlling humidity and moisture.

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