Big Commercial ceiling Fans

MacroAir commercial ceiling fans improve comfort, reduce humidity and can save you up to 20% on cooling costs.

Commercial ceiling fans bring comfort without cost.

Commercial and retail facilities have one big environmental control challenge the customer. That’s why MacroAir fans are at work around the world, from big box retailers to auto dealerships to sports complexes. Our slow-moving fan blades circulate massive quantities of air with a gentle, yet powerful flow of air. Customers will never feel a chilly breeze – they’ll simply feel more comfortable.

The power of a happy customer.

Our revolutionary 6ixBlade™ technology creates smooth, precise, and efficient airflow with less energy and less drag than typical ten-blade fans. Working alone or in concert with HVAC systems, you can expect up to 20% savings on heating and cooling costs from day one. And our lifetime warranty and industry leading support will make installing and owning a MacroAir fan a breeze. With blade sizes from 8′ to 24′ we can spec a MacroAir fan that will be the ideal solution for your application.

Retail Showroom HVLS Ceiling Fans


Operating a retail store can be a difficult challenge. There are so many factors that go into providing quality products, service and a great atmosphere for customers. Running a business can also be rather costly if one is not careful. One of the best ways to create a great atmosphere is to use MacroAir energy efficient fans. These fans are used by retailers such as Wal-Mart and Ace Hardware to create a perfect, temperature-controlled store for customers.

HVLS Ceiling Fans for Offices


Keeping your employees comfortable makes good economic sense, boosting morale and productivity. Our precision-built MacroAir HVLS (high volume low speed) fans are smooth and almost silent, yet effective for maintaining optimum airflow even throughout large areas. A typical fan may cost as little as $1 a day to run and can improve the effectiveness of HVAC systems by up to 20 per cent, cutting down fuel bills.

MacroAir HVLS Ceiling Fan in Bar Restaurant


High-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans are an excellent solution to reduce cooling costs in restaurants or bars where heat is generated by the kitchen, lightning, the dynamic atmosphere created by clients and servers. The gentle cooling or breeze effect created by the large MacroAir fan blades that rotate at a low speed is equivalent to that of six conventional ceiling fans, which may translate into a 20 percent reduction of cooling and heating costs.

MacroAir HVLS fan in Sporting Facility Gym

Sporting Facilities/Fitness Centers

A fitness center requires draft-free, corner-to-corner air circulation and ventilation. MacroAir 6ixBlade™ HVLS (high volume low speed) fans are inexpensive and cheap to run, circulating and mixing air effectively and economically. One MacroAir HVLS fan can cover up to 20,000 square feet, yet costs only around one dollar per day to run. HVLS fans reduce and control humidity, odors and microbial growth, improving air quality even in challenging areas such as indoor swimming pools.

HVLS ceiling fans for shopping malls

Shopping Malls

Over the years, shopping malls around the nation have evolved from shopping venues into full-service visitor destinations that provide dining, education, spa and entertainment opportunities for their patrons. Providing their millions of annual visitors the utmost in comfort while at the same time optimizing energy consumption and costs, malls must be innovative in their approach to heating and air conditioning technology.

HVLS fans for Cooling Stadium Concourses

Stadium Concourse

MacroAir HVLS fans are designed to provide cooling and circulation to open-air events, while saving heating and cooling expenses by up to 20%. These smoothly designed MacroAir fans can improve the comfort at outdoor events by controlling the temperature, humidity, bacteria, and moisture. MacroAir fans come complete with a speed controller to regulate the airflow to achieve a calm breeze that reduces odors and smoke.

HVLS Ceiling Fans for Churches and Worship Centers


MacroAir fans are an innovative and affordable options for houses of worship looking for ways to keep their clients comfortable year-round. The energy-efficient design makes it cost roughly one dollar to run a 24′, 2HP fan for 8 hours, which can slash energy costs by 20% annually. Worship facilities often struggle with keeping their congregations cool in warmer months, especially with rising energy costs Fortunately, MacroAir fans will provide your facility with a gentle, cooling airflow and save you up to 20% of your air conditioning costs.

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