Agriculture HVLS Fans

Improved productivity and energy savings. The gentle airflow of a MacroAir HVLS fan can make a huge difference in a barn application.

Agriculture HVLS fans for indoors or open-air.

Whether it’s preserving your investment in people, animals or food, creating a comfortable environment is critical to your business. No other climate solution delivers like a MacroAir fan. Our fans bring gentle, powerful and efficient airflow to the most challenging of spaces, indoors or out.

Creating a profitable environment.

Our revolutionary 6ixBlade™ technology creates smooth, precise, and efficient airflow with less energy and less drag than typical ten-blade fans. Working alone or in concert with HVAC systems, you can expect up to 20% savings on heating and cooling costs from day one. And our lifetime warranty and industry leading support will make installing and owning a MacroAir fan a breeze. With blade sizes from 8′ to 24′ we can spec a MacroAir fan that will be the ideal solution for your application.

MacroAir Dairy Barn HVLS Ceiling Fan


One of the most important factors in keeping dairy products fresh is temperature. Having an optimal temperature keeps things from going sour and helps to keep livestock healthy and happy. MacroAir is a perfect solution to this problem. MacroAir fans can keep flies and pests away while keeping herds of cows cool. Studies have shown that cool and comfortable cows are more productive and produce more milk.

equine hvls ceiling cooling fans


Quality high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans are used to properly ventilate stables, barns and other equestrian facilities throughout the year to help prevent horses from becoming susceptible to respiratory infections and to reduce mortality rates in general. These fans were specifically designed to distribute large amounts of warm and cool air among horses without creating dust clouds and/or excessive noise.

Fairground HVLS ceiling Fans


Fairgrounds can provide a lot of fun. However, for those who spend a lot of time inside tents, the heat can be unbearable. It is important to keep a steady, cool temperature for patrons, as well as livestock. MacroAir is the perfect solution for places where air conditioning is just not possible or practical. MacroAir fans feature a low energy cost and have slowly rotating blades that won’t kick up dust.

Food Processing Warehouse HVLS Cooling Ceiling Fans

Food Processing

Many large food processing facilities suffer from air stratification. This causes pockets of cold or hot air which can affect products negatively. It is important to create an environment that is suitable for the products being created and for the workers as well. MacroAir fans can help with this problem.

Poultry Chicken Farm HVLS Cooling Fans


High-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans are used to properly cool poultry houses in the summer and distribute heat among the birds in the winter. The summer heat can be rough on birds because they are not able to sweat. In an attempt to endure high temperatures, the birds will eat less. This behavior will cause them to produce inferior eggs/offspring, and death usually occurs soon afterwards.

Produce Sorting Warehouse HVLS Cooling Ceiling Fans


One of the biggest problems with keeping produce out in the open air is temperature change. Drastic changes in temperature can produce decay in many fruits and vegetables. Keeping a constant flow of cold air ensures that the fruit or vegetables will be well preserved for the potential customer. MacroAir 6ixBlade™ fans are perfect for producing a comfortable amount of cold air to preserve these produce items.

Swine Farm HVLS Cooling Fans


Better ventilation improves the well-being of pigs and other livestock, making them more tractable, easier to manage and more productive. HVLS fans distribute large volumes of air throughout a space. This improves ventilation, reduces moisture-related problems, helps control temperature and reduces gas buildup.

Winery HVLS Cooling Fans by MacroAir


Foremost among the concerns of wineries is controlling the consistent environmental temperature that is crucial to maintaining the sensitive qualities of their wine. Achieving and regulating optimal ambient air temperature in a large open space can be challenging. Adding to the challenge is the ever-increasing cost of the energy used for heating and cooling commercial spaces. MacroAir’s commercial fans are a cost-effective solution that provide easily managed temperature regulation.

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